How to Start Your Own Junk Removal Business

Even in an age that is increasingly dominated by computers, something as mundane as a junk removal business can prosper. Though much of our lives our lived in digital space, the real world is still full physical tasks that need to be done. There are no computer programs that will paint your house, clean an office building or haul away garbage and debris. A junk removal business remains pertinent in our world and many people eager to start their own business might consider this field.

If you want to start such a business, the first thing you need to do is register with the IRS for a tax identification number. If you are starting out as a sole proprietorship, then you will most likely want to use your own social security number. However, if this makes you uncomfortable you are also able to get a separate number, which will identify your business to the government. You will use this number to file your taxes after your first year of business.

Starting a Junk Removal Business

Next, you need to advertise to all the people who might want or need the help of a junk removal business. If you are aiming at small jobs, then you will want to advertise with homeowners. They may simply have furniture and appliances that they cannot sell or are too decrepit for anyone to want. If you are interested in larger jobs, then you should advertise with construction businesses and landscaping companies. These businesses always have need of someone who will take a way debris and brush for their jobs sites. Some will do their own junk removal but others will be happy to depend on you for that while they employ people to focus on other tasks more critical to their businesses.

Once you know who your clients will be, you need to prepare for work by getting supplies and materials that are necessary for your company. You will want a truck with a long bed on it. If you are going to stay small and do residential jobs, this may be all that you will need. For larger jobs, you may want to buy or rent a trailer that you could pull behind your truck.

You will need to locate other businesses that will be important to your work. For instance, you must locate some place that will accept the junk that you haul away. You will also need a good mechanic for your truck, which is really a business vehicle that will need regular maintenance. Your company will need tools because it will occasionally be necessary to take something apart before you haul it away.

You might find that your junk removal business will grow faster than you thought. With so many people focused on careers that leave them surrounded by computers and the myriad issues that crop up with advanced technology, people are less and less willing to do this kind of work. You can make a profit from people’s unwillingness to labor like this anymore.Click here to Get My Free Course On Starting a Profitable Junk Removal